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How plagiarism checkers can be used to uphold academic integrity

Plagiarism checkers have literally transformed the academic field with vast applications across different institutions. The most obvious application is in the assessment and marking of academic papers, essays and dissertations. There is however a second application that is growing in stature plagiarism checking during the admission process. These are the two main ways in which plagiarism checking could be used to uphold academic integrity across institutions around the world.

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Plagiarism checkers in admissions

The globalization of the world has made is such that an individual can apply for and attend schools all over the world. The admissions process involves a range of documents and different officers all tasked with gauging the eligibility of a student for a given program. Documents like personal statements can be long and there is an inherent risk of certain students plagiarizing stories from the internet to describe themselves. Admissions not only relate to acceptance into a school of choice, but also involve acceptance into scholarship programs in which a lot of money is at stake. Admission officers always run the risk of selecting the wrong candidates or even missing out on candidates that are a better fit for a program.

Each year, officers go through thousands of applications and having a plagiarism checker as a tool during that process can incredibly reduce the time taken to assess the applicants. Running the documents through a plagiarism checker ensures that unethical students are immediately eliminated from the selection process. This increases the probability of choosing the right students either for a scholarship, or admission into an institution. Also, gives the officers more time to focus on the positive aspects of the candidates that make them stand out. The is perceived to be the first step of ensuring academic integrity within an institution.

Institutional integrity

The value of an education is strongly dependent on the reputation of an institution. Part of the process of reducing potential for bias in the admissions process is in using impartial quantitative tools in the process. A plagiarism checker is an impartial metric that could be integrated in the process to automatically eliminate unqualified candidates. Adopting such an effective tool will first indicate the commitment of the institution to the underlying academic honor code. Making integrity an integral part of a company’s culture comes with immense benefits both for the institution and the alumni in terms of job prospects in the global arena.

Using plagiarism checkers will also increase confidence in the decisions made about the selected candidates. If an individual is running a third party admissions entity, they will be more likely to hired to screen candidates for more institutions. It also show that the candidates accepted have a proven track record of integrity and were more likely to maintain this mindset throughout their time in campus. Ensuring integrity in the admissions process with the help of plagiarism checking will not only protect academic reputation but also attract applicants with the same standard of honesty, hard working and originality. This will have long term advantages to the institution’s academic integrity.

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Why you need to check your documents for plagiarism

Now more than ever, the internet is awash with all kinds of information, phenomenon referred to as both a good thing and a bad thing. With a secure internet connection, anybody can access useful resources and information within the seconds. For students, writers, academics, lecturers and even bloggers this readily available information has rendered most people lazy. Students are now more inclined to copy and paste information from other sources and pass them off as their own. Unfortunately, most of the people that copy and paste published work are unaware that this act is unethical. Passing off someone’s work as your own is a form of intellectual property theft which can come with far reaching consequences for the unwitting individual. Copying, pasting and passing of information as your own is called plagiarism.

Thanks to technology, there are tools developed to inspect written content to determine their originality. Such tools are called plagiarism checkers and are readily available online. Plagiarism checkers come with vast applications for different people that work with written documents on a daily basis. The serious student will pass their finished assignments through a plagiarism checker after completing it. This is to identify instances of plagiarism and correct the work to reduce the similarity percentage of their work. A similarity percentage is basically the level to which a document is plagiarized (copied) expressed as a percentage. A plagiarism checker is a robust application. It is applicable to different types of documents including academic papers, reviews, research papers, dissertations and even book drafts.

An editing tool

A plagiarism checker is primarily applicable as an editing tool. It takes a very short time to determine the originality of your work. Following this step, one could edit the document and make it better. This not just a tool for students when writing their assignments but also for online writers. The need for authenticity in content is very important for the credibility of the site for which one is writing. The writing process is quite arduous and time consuming. It makes it very difficult for a writer to check the originality of the content during the writing process. Once a writer completes an assignment, they can simplify the editing process with one step. It simply involves running the document through the plagiarism checker and making corrections as fast as they can.

A marking tool

Finally a plagiarism checker is a marking tool for recruiters, lecturers, teachers, professors and even publishing companies. The first step in assessing a document or assignment is to check it for plagiarism. Then you can check other aspects like content and grammatical mistakes. Using a plagiarism checkers saves time. It weeds out work that has been plagiarized before they take up too much time. Effectively checking for plagiarism also requires the use of a reliable plagiarism checker. This will not only capture the similarity, but also outline the different sources from the internet where the content was extracted. The advantages of this technology include improving writing skills, saving time and aiding in the production of authentic content.

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Writing Success With Plagiarism Checker

Before you publish an article online, you must check plagiarism to ensure you are not posting duplicate content. Writing is an art; as such, every text that comes out is protected by rights of ownership. And you can be sued for copying and republishing such work without the consent of the writer.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be defined as the representation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or general work as one’s own.

It is seen as academic dishonesty or even theft and is a breach of ethics in journalism, publishing, and related work. Plagiarism can attract sanctions such as penalties, suspensions, expulsion from school, or places of work, among other serious punishments.

In recent years, severe cases of plagiarism have been identified in academia. And it has been termed in modern as immoral and lack of originality.

Note that plagiarism itself is not a crime. However, it falls in the same category as counterfeiting, hence punishable by law. It is referred to as prejudices resulting from copyright infringement and violation of moral right/torts in the academic realm.

What Is Plagiarism Checking/Detection?

This is the process of identifying cases of plagiarism and copyright violation in a written text. Today, technology has made it easy to check plagiarism through computers and the internet.

How Do You Detect Plagiarism?

There are many ways of checking duplicate content. The more traditional one is through human detection. This involves a long process of checking through thousands of other written works to identify similar texts. This takes a long time and can result in any inconsistencies with organizational plagiarism checking.

The most convenient way is to use text-matching software (TMS) or plagiarism detector, plagiarism checker, or anti-plagiarism. This method has become a widely available method in checking copyright infringements. Note that TMS does not detect plagiarisms per se. Instead, it identifies specific passages of text in a written work that matches another from a different document.

Using Plagiarism Checking Services

As stated above, it is vital to keep your text clean of any originality issues before publishing. This can however be a tedious process, especially when it includes changing the chosen texts, or cleaning the document.

The aim of checking for originality is to have the highest level of creativity when producing content. It is highly likely that anything you write about today already exists on the internet; you may just not know it yet. Or perhaps, you have used it as a reference, but copied it directly.

As such, getting that desired originality can be challenging.

Fortunately, you don’t have to strain. Employ the services of an excellent plagiarism checking provider, and you can rest comfortably. These are services dedicated to helping writers clean their documents and post original works.

These plagiarism checkers work by comparing one’s text to millions or billions of other writings on the internet. Additionally, they tap into other databases by detecting duplicate documents and highlighting them so that the editor can change before publishing online.

Students, teachers, and content writers must check for content originality as they are supposed to publish original text.

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