Remote learning is currently considered an alternative to real classroom presence with the call for people around the world to practice social distancing. This change has not been easy for everyone affected. There are significant challenges that have come with the gradual adoption of remote learning

Predominantly social students have found it especially hard to cope with the isolation that this comes with. All of a sudden, there is no one to turn to when one needs to immediately clarify something. By the time you get access to someone you can discuss the issue with, the curiosity might have died down. And we can all agree that talking on the telephone is no direct substitute to face to face communication. 

Too Many Disruptions

There is a significant number of students that are mature and probably have a family and children. Inanimate course material like video and audio tapes have been helpful but not entirely. The more mature students grapple with taking care of their kids, attending to work obligations while also making time for learning. Doing all this in one location can cause scheduling challenges. Obligations like child rearing are hard to schedule throughout the day. Having the children in the house means that they are always interrupting either the students or the teachers during the remote learning sessions. 

Video Chats and Technology Use Become Monotonous

One of the remedies that has been suggested for the hectic schedule is forming study groups. The use of study groups is especially useful when seeking a support network and people to discuss class questions with. Zoom meetings are desirable until they are no longer useful. Soon a remote student has to juggle video calls with their professor, their employers, their peers in class and their social friends. In due time, this because monotonous and boring. As such, even the students with the best intentions will be unable to set aside the recommended 10-14 hours of study every week. In the long run, learning remotely becomes an activity that requires a great deal of will power and organization skills. It is better suited for self-starters with the ability to work around their lives to slot in enough time for their studies. 

Remote learning using Zoom: Two people chatting using video
Zoom meetings have become all the rage in remote learning

The pandemic has plunged all students into remote learning. The most affected are those that were previously predisposed to just classroom learning. This is the group that has been hit the hardest by the shift. They were not prepared for such a radical change within a short time. Distance learning comes with vast opportunities for people, but it is better implemented when people are advised about the courses and modules. This will help students prepare for the change and maximize on the courses they are more comfortable with.