Writing good prose, whether in an article or book requires effective writing techniques. Writing effectively starts with the elaborate understanding of the nature of your writing project. You could be writing a letter, a personal statement, a school assignment or an article. For each of these projects, the tone, style and flow will differ. The one thing that is standard in good prose is making the text clear and concise. Other parts of your writing that require emphasis are as follows;

Catchy beginning 

Even in good prose, a great first impression works wonders. A catchy beginning will immediately grab a reader’s attention and keep them reading. Once they are reading, your task as a writer is to keep up the momentum. Elementary writing instructions suggest that the subsequent sentences support the first one. There is no limit to what a catchy phrase could be. It can be a startling statistic, a universal truth, an interjection or just an insightful statement. As a writer, it is your to choose between these variations for the beginning most relevant to your writing.

Quote about having catchy beginnings
Catchy beginning is welcoming to the reader

Avoid jargon

Jargon and complex words make prose more difficult to read. Having got the attention of the reader, using indecipherable words can slow down the reader. Meeting words that they don’t understand can make the reader lose interest in the text altogether. Having to look up each word with every sentence can make the reading process tedious and grueling for the reader. By avoiding jargon, a writer can effectively keep the writer reading all through to the end. Because at the end of the day, the goal is to inform in the simplest way possible.

A statement about the use of jargon in writing good prose
Use simple words instead of jargon

Construct short, simple sentences 

Simplicity and conciseness are factors that cannot be understated in good writing. Words make up, sentences. But even while using words, a writer can make their writing confusing by using a complex structure. Short simple sentences also enhance the readability of prose through a seamless flow of ideas. Simple sentences use simple present or past tense, avoiding the use of passive statements. These sentences also connect ideas by ensuring that the topic position and stress positions are followed to the letter. Each sentence should blend into the next without effort. And each paragraph should connect to the next one in the same manner. This is how flow is achieved hence good prose.

Be accurate

Being accurate applies to blogs, articles or even forum contributions. These types of projects require accuracy in the information being conveyed. Achieving this will have the best impact on the reader

The internet is awash with a lot of information. Cutting through the murk and presenting clear, usable information will set a writer’s content apart hence improve readability. Readability is the hallmark of good prose. A combination of different factors help achieve good prose during the writing process. The first step would be to have an idea of information to be conveyed and then present it in a clear manner. Part of the process is writing a first draft and revising until all of these aspects are sufficiently addressed