Now more than ever, the internet is awash with all kinds of information, phenomenon referred to as both a good thing and a bad thing. With a secure internet connection, anybody can access useful resources and information within the seconds. For students, writers, academics, lecturers and even bloggers this readily available information has rendered most people lazy. Students are now more inclined to copy and paste information from other sources and pass them off as their own. Unfortunately, most of the people that copy and paste published work are unaware that this act is unethical. Passing off someone’s work as your own is a form of intellectual property theft which can come with far reaching consequences for the unwitting individual. Copying, pasting and passing of information as your own is called plagiarism.

Thanks to technology, there are tools developed to inspect written content to determine their originality. Such tools are called plagiarism checkers and are readily available online. Plagiarism checkers come with vast applications for different people that work with written documents on a daily basis. The serious student will pass their finished assignments through a plagiarism checker after completing it. This is to identify instances of plagiarism and correct the work to reduce the similarity percentage of their work. A similarity percentage is basically the level to which a document is plagiarized (copied) expressed as a percentage. A plagiarism checker is a robust application. It is applicable to different types of documents including academic papers, reviews, research papers, dissertations and even book drafts.

An editing tool

A plagiarism checker is primarily applicable as an editing tool. It takes a very short time to determine the originality of your work. Following this step, one could edit the document and make it better. This not just a tool for students when writing their assignments but also for online writers. The need for authenticity in content is very important for the credibility of the site for which one is writing. The writing process is quite arduous and time consuming. It makes it very difficult for a writer to check the originality of the content during the writing process. Once a writer completes an assignment, they can simplify the editing process with one step. It simply involves running the document through the plagiarism checker and making corrections as fast as they can.

A marking tool

Finally a plagiarism checker is a marking tool for recruiters, lecturers, teachers, professors and even publishing companies. The first step in assessing a document or assignment is to check it for plagiarism. Then you can check other aspects like content and grammatical mistakes. Using a plagiarism checkers saves time. It weeds out work that has been plagiarized before they take up too much time. Effectively checking for plagiarism also requires the use of a reliable plagiarism checker. This will not only capture the similarity, but also outline the different sources from the internet where the content was extracted. The advantages of this technology include improving writing skills, saving time and aiding in the production of authentic content.

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